One dead as Coastguard scrambles rescue operation for swimmers in difficulties off Costa Adeje

Photo: Scott Brazil.

Updated 8.30pm: Emergency Services say that there is one fatality, a 26-year-old Swedish man pulled from the water by other swimmers but who died despite resuscitation efforts. The search continues for one other person who is presumed missing. A German tourist was injured in the rescue attempt but his condition is said not to be serious.

Original post 18 April: The Coastguard has activated a full rescue operation after several people were seen in difficulties in the sea of El Pris, a cove between La Caleta and El Puertito/Playa Paraiso. A helicopter and lifeboat are in service along with ambulance crew, Policía Local and Guardia Civil. The photo left (click to enlarge) is from Scott Brazil who says that after an hour hovering, the winchman went into the water but came back up alone.


  1. The photo was taken from Bahia Principe resort. The “cove” the helicopter was circling was about 200 metres to the left of the hotel.

    Helicopter still circling this morning.

  2. They have been gone for about and hour now

  3. We are staying at the Roca Nivaria and the helicopter is hovering over the sea and the boat keeps going in circles, it has been going on since last night.

    1. Author

      Yes they are still searching for the missing swimmer.

  4. I can see the helicopter from my terrace in Playa Paraiso, it comes and goes from Playa Paraiso El Puertito La Caleta…

  5. The helicopter was circling above the ocean between La Caleta and El Puertito yesterday evening. The photo looks more like it was between Caleta and El Puertito.

  6. From what I have read the location seems confused – either Puerto Colon or El Peurtito – Scotts photo above suggests the latter to me. What a tragedy, RIP.

    1. Author

      It’s clearly somewhere between Puerto Colon and El Puertito … they are now saying “near La Caleta”.

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