Collaborator – no longer a dirty word as police encourage public to help them solve crime and still stay anonymous

The Policía Nacional have reminded the public that their collaboration is fundamental in solving many crimes the police have to solve. Many people will be aware that they can issue denuncias or querellas, and also that these cannot be made anonymously, but not so many will know that they can collaborate with the police and it is totally confidental. Collaboration is only possible when it comes to a serious crime like those involving drug dealing, sexual abuse, people trafficking, internet crimes, etc, so it’s not the route to go down to complain about a neighbour on a complex, for example, but it’s an option for anyone who has information they want to hand over without details of who reported it being made public, and it’s an option the police themselves encourage people to use to help them. If this is of interest, please see the police page HERE which breaks down the categories where you can help anonymously, and also see HERE for information on the various police forces and courts.

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