Canarian College of Veterinary Surgeons to take campaigns in pet responsibility into schools

In what is being hailed as an innovative and magnificent campaign, the College of Veterinary Surgeons is to take campaigns in pet responsibility into the schools in order to create an entirely new generation fully aware of what it takes to look after animals. Repeated themes will be the responsibility that comes with having a pet, as well as the care that an animal needs, and most importantly, perhaps, that they are not toys.

The press announcement was made in an interview given by Jorge de Miguel, the president of the College of Vets in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, who acknowledged that society had come a long way in terms of pet care given that historically here animals were kept for security rather than as pets. He attributed some of the improvement in domestic animal welfare to increasingly strict legislation but said that despite the majority caring for and respecting their pets, there was still a long way yet to go before the concept filtered through the whole of society.

There is no better way to get the message across, Jorge de Miguel said, than by teaching children about animals and their environment, the conditions in which they need to be kept and cared for, and in particularly, to make them think about the consequences of requests for pets. We have to tell them, he continued, that there is no way they can have a 50 kilo dog in a 60 square metre flat because the animal will suffer.

The Vets’ College President said that children need to learn how to be responsible pet owners, and to know about cleaning up dog excrement, vaccination, chips, and the law on potentially dangerous dogs … and that this was something many adults needed to learn too. C24H

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