Consulate launches Guide to Healthcare in the Canary Islands

The British Consulates of Tenerife and Gran Canaria have jointly created a guide to Healthcare in the Canary Islands for all British tourists, swallows and residents. They say they hope it will serve as a helping hand to anyone who needs medical assistance, whether in an emergency or otherwise:

Calling an ambulance or making an appointment with a doctor when you don´t know the system or speak the language can be daunting at the best of times. Most residents and some temporary visitors to the Canary Islands are not covered by private insurance, but this should not stop anyone receiving medical assistance when needed.

Sadly, time and time again we assist British nationals who find themselves in vulnerable circumstances which could otherwise have been avoided if they’d just had some basic knowledge about who to call in an emergency, how to set up a doctors’ appointment or even where the nearest public health centre is.  This trend has been reiterated by feedback from British nationals we’ve met in person or via our important contacts such as yourselves.

The guide is reproduced below, and is also available HERE, and can be downloaded HERE.



  1. Thanks for that Janet, looking at the map for Los Cris and Las Americas, I note that Hospiten Sur is not shown. I know it is a private Hospital but does treat EHIC emergencies. A serious omission I would think. Could you also advise what C.A.E. means in the legend of the differing type of facilities.

  2. Many thanks,will be very useful for our yearly 4 month winter stay in Tenerife

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