Canarian electricity consumers to have free choice of suppliers from 1 July

As of Wednesday, 1 July, the electricity market in Tenerife, as throughout the whole of Spain, will be thrown open to competition. Unelco has sent out letters to all consumers explaining that according to Real Decreto 485/2009 dated 3 April, the old tariffs will disappear and consumers will be free to chose new operators to supply their electricity. The options are listed as an appendix to Unelco’s letter.

The Canarian Government says that it is committed to the liberalization of the electricity market to improve competition between state-authorized commercial suppliers. The Director General of Energía, Adrián Mendoza, has urged consumers to “get used to being able to ask for offers and not having to stay with the traditional Canarian electricity market”.  La Opinion


  1. can anyone please help us. we brought a brand new villa 4 months ago and are having terrible problems getting a connection from unelco we have spent everyday for the past 6 week either in a lawyers office or a endessa offfice. unelco keep saying they need a certain paper and then they will let us contract when we give the paper they then say they want something else, we are just going round in circles. does anyone know a way of sorting this because even our lawyer can not. we would be very greatful for any help. we are presently on a generator, which has cost 3000.00 euros for 6 weeks for just 12 hours a day we just can not go on like this mr. micheal oakes. thank you

  2. Author

    Is your lawyer explaining to you why this is such a problem? Is it because there are still papers to come from the builder, if the villa is brand new?

  3. when we brought the villa, we were told it was on builders supply, we have brought 2 new properties before here so had no reason to question that 13 weeks ago suddenly the power was cut of and it turned out the builder had connected the supply ileagaly. there are six semi detached houses here and our individual villa, built by the same builder, all now with no electric. the builder has now fled the island.there are babbies and children here. can you suggest any way we can sort this out. we have only been here for a few months the people in the semi houses have been there four years.

  4. Author

    Do you have what they call bulletins (boletines)? These should be issued by certified electricians on inspection. This should all have been arranged by the builder before you signed the Escritura. At notary, you get the boletines (for water, electricity etc.,) as well as the cedulas de habitabilidad (they’re commonly called habitacion certificates). You need both a cedula and a boletin to get a Unelco supply.

    You will have had these at notary … or I’m hoping so …

  5. yes we have the bulletin from the electrician, the water was already conected, as the house was previously sold to someone else before we bought it but their mariage went wrong so they did not actually move in.

  6. Author

    Do you also have the cedulas?

  7. yes we have the cedulas, we went to entermansa at guia de isora shortly after we brought the house and changed everything into our name.

  8. Author

    So you have the cedulas and the boletines … what exactly else does Unelco want? Where roughly, too, is the villa?

    I’m sure you know this, but Entemansa is a water company.

  9. the villa is in tejina de guia. our spanish neighbour is dealing with unelco at the moment, it seams they want 4 more documents, one is the electricians bulitin for the work he has had to correct for the previous electrian outside the houses. our neighbour is going to industria in santa cruz on monday to get the copies of the documents required and then taking them to unelco. so we will see what happens. we have been to our lawyer this morning, and he says his feeling is that unelco will never connect us. this is seriously worring now.

  10. Author

    Did your lawyer give you a reason for feeling Unelco will never connect you?

    See what happens after your Spanish neighbour has whatever documents he can get, and then give me a ring on 922 857 808 … we might be able to put you in touch with a source who could help.

    Unelco is, fundamentally, a mafia, and it seems to me that it’s just a case of which palm is being greased …

    Good luck in the meantime, and if you still hit a brick wall next week, ring me.

  11. we feel the lawyer thinks unelco are making things as difficult as they can because the six semi houses have had free electric for four years, but we have only been here for a few months. we had no idea the builder had connected ileagaly anyway we will wait and see what happens on monday with the neighbour if nothing transpires from that i will give you a call. thankyou so much for your effort and help in all this.

  12. Author

    Right, this is what we thought was the likely case when we were talking it through earlier.

    Fundamentally though, if you have the cedula, Unelco cannot refuse to connect you. What they can do, however, is make issues about possible illegal or unpaid builder’s supply.

    This could perhaps cost you to sort it out, but it should actually be capable of being sorted out.

    Let me know next week what the latest is, and meanwhile, at least hold that thought over the weekend. Nothing here tends to be completely without a solution, and you have the cedula, so you have the technical right to an electrical supply.

  13. my husband went to unelco in santa cruz a week ago with three of the neighbours. when they finally got seen they were with the person at unelco for nearly 2 hours. they discussed the arrears on the electric and all filled in forms agreeing to pay what they owed, which unelco excepted the 6 semis have to pay 2100 euros over three months and we have to pay 800 euro straight off. which we thought was a lot, considering the short time we have been here. but quite honestly we would pay that now after all this lot. at that meeting they said they just want one photo of the work the new electrian had done if that was o.k. we would get connection. they got the photo the next day which they said was o.k. and then said they want 4 other things unbelivable.

  14. Author

    Unfortunately, it’s far from unbelievable. I could tell you a similar story from several other people, I’m afraid. Let’s see what happens next week … and meanwhile, try not to worry over the weekend. This will have a solution, even if it means more paperwork and settling a large bill that you shouldn’t actually have to pay.

  15. We have a problem with Endesa! Our apartment has been empty and unused for over a year and Endesa have cut off the electric but they say we owe nearly 800€ + they want 200€ for a new contract how can they do this?
    Is there another company we can use as this is the second time they have done this. We need the electric on as our son is going to use it for a week from 28th Dec. Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you.

  16. Author

    You have the right to a free choice of supplier, and THIS website allows you to compare their offers, but I think Endesa could create problems with the transfer since they claim the account is in arrears. I would think the best thing in the first instance is to go to your local consumer office (see HERE) and get them to help you establish some clarity on the nature of the supposed debt.

  17. Are there any alternative electricity suppliers to Endesa in South Tenerife THANKYOU

  18. I’m aware of a few people who switched to Iberdrola from Endesa.

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