Cooler weather, at last!

At last, the calima and muggy humidity of the past few days has gone, replaced again by the “alisios”, the trade winds which have come from the north, bringing cool air and some misty cloud. The weather had been the result of a mass of hot African air coming from the south, so a “scirocco” technically, rather than a calima, meeting the “Azores depression” in the Atlantic to our north west, and leaving us with the immovable heat dump! At one point this resulted in heavy rainfall for Madeira which could have made it a bit further south to us, but sadly didn’t.

Now, though, for the foreseeable future we are back to normal for this time of year, with temperatures reducing throughout today, and with protection from the afternoon heat by some slight cloud cover. Above is the welcome sight of mist rolling up the barranco, taken from my back door this morning: on the day that Aemet announced that September was much cooler than average, indeed was the coolest September since 1981, it’s a blessed relief to get rid of this October’s sweaty start!

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