Santa Cruz Carnaval Queen 2011 is chosen

Carnaval queen 2011 PC

Update 3 March 2011: This year’s Carnaval queen is Naomi Cabrera Pulido, representing the El Día newspaper, for which it is now three wins in a row. Her fantasía is called “Cien años de historia” (100 years of history). With thanks to the wonderful photography of Phil Crean for the picture above of the beautiful winner. There are further pictures of all the entrants HERE.

Update 11 February 2010: Alicia San Juan McNolty, wearing the fantasía “En el País de las Maravillas” (below), is the Carnaval Queen 2010. She was representing the daily paper El Dia (which was also the sponsor of last year’s winner), and the creation was designed by Leo Martínez. It seems Alicia was an appropriate candidate to wear the fantasía given that its name translates as “In Wonderland”! Pictures of the other entries can be seen HERE. C24H, LO

Original Post 10 February: Today’s a very big day in the Carnaval because it’s the election of the Carnaval Queen from the 12 candidates who will be wearing those elaborate creations they call “fantasies”! Below is last year’s winner, Ana María Tavárez, wearing “Bewitched”. She will be crowning her successor tonight. It all starts at 9.30 this evening on the stage in the Carnaval fairground. It’ll also be live on TV Canaria from 9.15pm. TinerGuía

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