Correos issues global alert about fraudulent malware email sent in its name

Correos has issued a warning of what appears to be an internet fraud in its name. Emails are being sent out which appear to come from, with the subject “Notificación Multa de Tráfico”. The Correos logo seems to be embedded in the text, which reads:

“Te ha llegado una nueva carta con la nueva modalidad de Correos Online”.

The email, whose message translates as “you have new mail with Correos’ Online’s new format” has what looks like a pdf file attachment, but which in fact conceals a link to an external page designed to allow computers to harvest bank details. At the end of the email there is even a “McAfee Secure” stamp.

Correos has issued the global alert to advise that it has not sent this email, and that it should be deleted without being opened by anyone who receives it. The postal organization stresses that recipients’ details have not been acquired from its own records.

Correos has initiated whatever mechanisms are necessary to fight the fraud, including a helpline for anyone in doubt. The number to call is 902197197. El Dia

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