Costa del Silencio public meeting this Thursday

Update 16 May: An update on the English Meeting with CXA in Costa del Silencio on Thursday night from Christopher Colles, CXA council candidate:

Great meeting last night . . . politics and beer in Tenbel.

Our policing expert, Rayco, talked about the administrative neglect of the local police force and how the politicians see it as an unnecessary expense. Rayco has been a member of the local police for many years and stood down to be able to fight these elections for CXA. He wants to create a modern police force that serves the citizens and he put forward the party’s intentions for the area; better street lighting is a major deterrent which makes policing easier, they want to build a local police station in the area and develop a programme of neighbourhood bobbies on regular patrol, someone who knows the neighbours.

One good suggestion from the public was to have a plain clothes dog warden making dog owners pick up their pooch’s deposits, with the power to impose instant fines.

Many other subjects were discussed; like the fire brigade and urban development plans, with contributions from Eduardo and Cristina, both party members living in the area, from Ana, who is a lawyer and answered legal questions, and from marketing specialist, Eva.

These are all realistic propositions because Ciudadanos X Arona is in ascent in Spanish voting areas, people are fed up with the corruption and they are going to win seats. This is a new wave and they are doing it without corporate funding, so you won’t see so many posters. There are enough of us expats to make a difference if we vote . . . and that gives us a voice. This party will listen. I will vouch for that.

More accountability and transparency . . . I’ll drink to that.

Many thanks to Chris and the staff at Alejandra’s.

Update 14 May: I’ve just posted about the Blue Flag beach awards for Tenerife this year, and yet again not one Arona beach has been given recognition. This is an appalling state of affairs for a municipality with a huge number of tourists, and where the beaches should be world class – indeed, would be world class given proper management. If you have something to say about this, or any other problem in Arona – and there are many – there’s a public meeting being held in Costa del Silencio tonight, details below. If you want your voice heard, this is your chance.

Original post 12 May:  I posted THIS this morning about a public meeting in Callao Salvaje, and again in relation to the forthcoming municipal elections, there’s an English Meeting with Ciudadanos X Arona in Costa del Silencio this Thursday, 14 May at 8pm in Café Alejandra, Urb. Costa Sol. As Christopher Colles, CxA council candidate who wrote THIS, says:

“Come along and tell us what you expect from a local council . . . I’m pretty sure it’s not what you’re getting now. This party has momentum in the Spanish voting areas, young new councilors will win seats and they are going to make a difference over the next few years. Come and tell them about your area.”

The meeting will be attended by experts in local policing, something which might be of great interest to those in that specific area, as well as Arona generally. For any further information, contact Christopher direct – his details are HERE, or the café on 922 734802 or on Facebook HERE.

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  1. Great to see local issues and concerns being discussed

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