Costas says that Candelaria Basilica contravenes coastal law, but is safe as protected building

The Basílica in Candelaria violates the coastal law, according to Costas, though it seems almost inconceivable that it will be demolished, not least because it is designated a Bien de Interés Cultural, in other words it is a protected monument under Ley 16/1985 del Patrimonio Histórico Español. The ruling, and protection, also applies to the Dominican convent and the chapel of San Blas, which are part of the same complex of buildings.

Costas has informed the diocese which now has to submit statements in its defence. Dominican Prior Alexis González said that he had already met with Costas to try to establish quite how far reaching the coastal law could be, and it seems that the protected building legislation has greater weight than coastal laws. The only time, it would appear, that coastal law would apply would be if the building should be destroyed in some way, in which case its replacement would have to be a further six metres inland. PV

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