Could you be one of the few able to adopt a retired police dog?

Photo: Policía Nacional.

The National Police has publicly thanked a family for adopting one of their former working dogs. Dasha is a drug detection specialist and worked alongside the police for nine years before she went to a deserved retirement with her new family.

One only has to look briefly at the social media accounts of the various police forces to see that they are mad about their police dogs. Agentes caninos (canine officers), they call them, giving them the full respect of any other member of the forces. They also know them as four-legged heroes – Héroes de 4 Patas – and these dogs often live with their trainers/human partners in retirement. Sometimes, however, for a range of reasons, it is not possible for a dog to live with its lifelong friend after work and these dogs are put out for adoption.

These need adoptive family homes with particular characteristics that suit the type of lifestyle and training a dog has had, and so it’s not an easy option even though it obviously appeals to every kind instinct most of us will have. But for those special few who can and should adopt a retired police dog, do have a look at the adoptak9 website HERE where you can also donate if you would like to help but can’t give a dog a home.