Council removes Romén and Tegueste Menceyes statues from Candelaria sea front

Photo: Candelaria Ayuntamiento.

It’s not what it looks like! Although there are movements afoot in various places to remove statutes that are argued to misrepresent history by honouring a deplorable subject, Candelaria Ayuntamiento’s removal of two of the Mencey statutes from the sea front by the Basilica is not because the indigenous Kings are suddenly controversial. Rather, the removal of Menceyes Romén and Tegueste from the Plaza de la Patrona de Canarias is because they were at serious and imminent risk of suffering the fate of Edward Colston’s statue at Bristol harbourside and ending up in the water!

Photo: Candelaria Ayuntamiento

Candelaria Ayuntamiento says that the sea has eroded part of the wall and paving, causing a deterioration of the area which was cordoned off at the start of this last week. As of yesterday morning, however, the pavement started to sink visibly, and once sea conditions permitted, Guanche Menceyes Romén and Tegueste were removed. The council is asking the public to follow the signage of detours in place for everyone’s safety while restoration works proceed. The sculptures of “Los Menceyes Guanches” were commissioned and are owned by the Fundación Pro- Menceyes Guanches- Plaza de la Patrona de Canarias, and were cast in bronze by Tenerife sculptor José Abad, being officially inaugurated on 13 August 1993.