Action at last over Costa Adeje botellón


Update 29 October: Adeje Ayuntamiento has banned a “macrofiesta” which was going to be held at the Monkey beach Club as a Halloween party on Sunday. People have booked to come from far afield, but the bar has now been told that despite licences in place, they cannot have music because of the youngsters who will come to listen outside and hold a botellón. Javier and Carlos Cabrera, the bar’s owners, are up in arms and have said the ban signals the end of leisure and tourism in Adeje. They say the event will now be transferred to the Magic Monkey bar, in Arona.  LO

Update 23 October: The mayor of Adeje, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, together with the the councillor of Presidencia, Marcos Barrera, and the chief of the Policía Local, Miguel Ángel Morales, have announced that they will at last put an end to the practice of holding a street party, or botellón, in the municipality.

As of immediate effect, preventative personnel will patrol the areas, and ultimately “corrective measures” will be imposed for illegal drinking in the street on any who refuse to comply. The mayor says that they are intended to combat the “incompatibility” of the rowdy and “uncivilized” botellón with residents’ and tourists’ rights to rest, peace and quiet.

Sr Fraga stressed that Adeje was not against night-time leisure activities, but that the botellón practice had completely got out of hand, and was in danger of harming the area’s tourist image.  PV

Original post 10 September: CC (nationalists) and PP (conservatives) councillors in Adeje have complained that the plans to issue fines of €3,000 for anyone taking part in a botellón (street party), as already approved by the council in its last full session, have not been enacted and that not a single fine has been issued.

The opposition councillors have complained that the lack of will to apply the approved fines has resulted in the botellón problem spreading to other parts of the Costa Adeje tourist area, and that residents are being hugely disadvantaged by what the press has been reporting for some time now as the noise, disruption, and resulting mess from the gatherings, which last throughout the night at weekends.

The councillor for Seguridad Ciudadana, Carmen Nieves Rodríguez, assured the opposition councillors that the Ayuntamiento was working on the problem, because the intention was to eradicate the botellón from Costa Adeje. She added that there was not a lack of will to levy the fines, but that the bylaws needed to be changed for fines of such an amount to be imposed.

Sra Rodríguez said that the fines would end up being imposed, though she couldn’t confirm when. This was far from sufficient for the opposition, however, and PP councillor Andrés Montiel said that “the law envisages fines of over €14,000 for a botellón”, and that therefore the local corporation shouldn’t have any problem in imposing the much lesser fines proposed for the area. El Dia

It would almost appear that there is some agenda behind the ruling socialists’ unwillingness to impose the democratically agreed penalties for this public nuisance.  The video above was filmed by a resident in the Oro Verde complex in Torviscas Bajo: the first 1.04 minutes of the film are an interview, but it then switches to the recording of the botellón.

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