Eighth radio transmitter closed by Courts with €90,000 fine for airport interference

Update 6 June: Another transmitter has been closed by the courts for interference with the airport, bringing the number closed to eight. This latest closure has been ordered by the Audiencia Nacional and affects the station operating on the frequency FM 103,7, owned by Bluebird Limited. The judgement also imposed fines of €30,000 each on the three owners of the company.

In all eight cases, the transmitters on Guaza mountain were denounced by Aena (Aeropuertos Españoles y Navegación Aérea), and fines of between 60 and 90 thousand Euros have been imposed. The closure of the transmitters has meant the end of broadcasts from Radio Gigante, Radio Atlántico sur, Radio en Color, Pitti Comunicaciones, Radio Centro de Iniciativas Turísticas, and Emisora Canaria … and now Bluebird Limited. LO

Original post 10 January: According to La Opinion, seven radio station transmitters on Guaza mountain were shut down in Tenerife between April and December last year due to the danger they were said to represent to air traffic. Radio Gigante was the last one, it seems, amidst claims that it caused interference in communication between planes and TFS Reina Sofía.

Radio Gigante appears to have appealed the closure, but was ordered to stop broadcasting after losing its case in court. It is now faced with a fine of €60,000 for breaches of broadcasting legislation, an incredible amount, but still €30,000 less than the amount proposed by the Government.

In the other cases, Radio Económica received the full fine of €90,000; Emisora Canaria, like Radio Gigante, had its fine reduced from €90,000 to €60,000; Radio Atlántico Sur, Radio en Color, Pitti Comunicaciones, and Radio CIT were also fined €60.000 each.  LO

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