Arona mayor Reverón resigns

Update 21 November: Arona major José Alberto González Reverón resigned at midday today. The resignation comes after the failure of his appeal against a Court judgment in June which imposed a four and a half year disqualification from holding public office. The mayor had repeatedly refused to step down until his appeal was heard, despite an increasing clamour that he should do so. The now former mayor Reverón said that although he had the absolute respect for the  judicial administration, the sentence against him was “unjust, disproportionate and inhumane”. The opposition PP, however, has called for Sr Reverón to repay salary taken since the initial judgment on the grounds that the appeal had no chance of success anyway.


Update 31 October: Above is a video of the emergency council meeting called yesterday to approve (or not) mayor Reverón continuing in office while his appeal continues. Apart from that fact that I think Mena comes out of this with the credit I’d expect given that I supported his campaign at the last election, I won’t comment. Make your own minds up.

Update 24 October: And still it continues. There is now an almighty clamour demanding mayor Reverón step down but still he clings on, arguing that he isn’t required to resign until and unless his appeal ratifies the original judgment. Even a report commissioned by the Secretariat of Arona Ayuntamiento itself has found that there is an “incompatibility” between the mayor’s public office and the sentence he has been handed by the Courts, which disqualified him from holding public office. Arona PP councillor Dionisio Rocha said that the mayor must now recognize that his judgments had been wrong, and that the continuing media spectacle benefited nobody.

Update 3 July: Mayor Reverón is under attack now from all sides, not just opposition politicians, but Arona residents’ associations too. The mayor has “lost the confidence of residents since he was found guilty, and it isn’t legitimate for him to continue in his position” said representatives of resident associations Almácigo (Los Cristianos and Sol del Sur de Las Galletas) and Plataforma Ciudadana de Playa de las Américas. Both called for his immediate resignation.

Original post 29 June: Arona mayor José Alberto González Reverón has been found guilty of “un delito continuado de prevaricación por irregularidades en la contratación de personal para el Ayuntamiento” – a continued crime of corruption through irregularities in contracting council staff. Santa Cruz Juzgado de lo Penal number 1 imposed the penalty of four and a half years disqualification of holding public office. The mayor says that the ruling is “totally unjust” and that he will appeal.




  1. Reveron has been Mayor for far too long & there is so much blatant corruption in Tenerife it needs addressing.

  2. Mayor Reveron is not familiar with the spanish word “dignidad” (dignity). If so he would have excercised it. As per illegal letting, Reveron has made his bed, now he needs to lie on it. I hope that the inspectors remember to add his bed to the count total.

  3. there are now hundreds of electric scooters flying around las americas young people are hiring them for e10 per hour and driving them on the pavements very fast I was knocked down and he just rode off at speed there is no id on the scooters as to where they are hired from and someone is going to get seriously hurt

  4. Author

    They can be a pain. For information’s sake, I’ve put the rules on the Being Legal Q&A page HERE. They are:

    The police list the following as rules governing mobility vehicles, invalid carriages and electric wheelchairs:

    * You don’t need a licence to drive a mobility scooter or powered wheelchair.
    * All vehicles can be used on footpaths, pavements, bridleways, and in pedestrian areas. Indeed they must be used on pedestrial areas and can only be used on the road if a pavement is not available, but never in bus lanes, ‘cycle only’ lanes or on the motorway.
    * All normal parking restrictions apply.
    * They do not have to be registered.
    * Insurance is not a legal requirement, though police strongly advise a policy to cover personal safety, other people’s safety and the value of the vehicle.
    * There is no vehicle tax.
    * Drivers will be required by law to pay compensation if they have an accident which was their fault.
    * Vehicles designed to carry two people are not defined as an “invalid carriage” and so cannot be used on public pavements or roads. With regard to children, the law does not explicitly ban an adult carrying an infant in a sling but it is not permitted to carry anyone else on a mobility vehicle e.g. children standing on the vehicle, or another adult sitting on the drivers lap, etc

    Do bear in mind that you can denounce “an unknown person” – the more the police are aware of the problem the more likely it is that they will get officers out to manage the situation.

  5. I agree Kath.It was definitely becoming a problem when we were there in June/ July. Disabled scooters for one and two people were also being used as transport by able bodied people including children sitting on knees. . Doesn’t do much for the so called upmarket image and the police don’t seem interested. How bad an accident will it need to ban these very dangerous vehicles.

  6. Meant to add Janet that these are not just mobility scooters which are causing the problem, they are scooters similar to a childs’ scooter but with an engine. Is it possible to make a complaint anywhere about these vehicles?

  7. Author

    council, I imagine, this sounds like something the local police should be dealing with.

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