Tourists warned of credit card fraudster posing as policeman in Los Gigantes

Police are seeking a con man who has swindled three tourists in Los Gigantes out of €2,000. The thief passed himself off as a police officer earlier this week when he approached the tourists asking to see their identity documents. On the three occasions known to the police, the holidaymakers were not carrying their passports, and they were asked for a credit card and its pin to confirm the name was correct.

Having said that he was going to the bank to make the required checks, the supposed policeman headed for the nearest cashpoint and withdrew money. Who knows how many others were approached but foiled the thief by presenting their passports.

This thief is still at large, and although the law requires identity documents to be carried at all time, genuine Police do not ask for credit cards to confirm identity. Under no circumstances should anyone hand them, or a security pin, over to anyone.  La Opinion

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