Cyclist Chris Froome asks Want to come for a ride? as he trains in Tenerife

Photos: Chris Froome.

We all know there are plenty of cyclists here, and some are very serious about their sport, but one of the most serious is here right now, Chris Froome! Froome has encouraged people through his twitter account to join him: “Want to come for a ride with us? Let’s go” he posted on twitter, along with the photos above and below. Froome is multiple Tour de France winner with Team Sky, so if you want to go cycling in the hope of joining him, or you’re driving in the national park, keep an eye open around the roads up and about Mt Teide right now!


  1. Wow, it’s great to see one of the world’s best sportspeople promoting this beautiful Island in such an open manner! It could encourage even more healthy sport participation here, where there is plenty of room and scope for the Island being shared positively and sympathetically by us all.
    Regards from someone who cycles, drives, walks & hikes here.

  2. You are right Stewart. Lesson here is not to believe everything you read. The summary does not reflect the fuller version. Personally I don’t see why you need lights on a bike if you do not ride in the dark. That appears to be the rule in the UK.

    1. Author

      I was one of the translators of THIS, Spanish Traffic Law, an e-book written originally in Spanish by traffic police on the mainland for an English-speaking audience. It’s free, so I hope it helps … I know there are sections on cycling law in it though I don’t remember that any of them were the sections I did.

  3. Yes, that’s a summary. Click the first link for a fuller set of rules.

  4. Snowbird you are wrong. You need to use lights in tunnels during the day the same as other vehicles so you have to have lights on the bike at all times.

  5. Echoing Snowbird with ” bells on” . A truly great rider and inspiration – but he and his kind would win over the rest of other road users if they exercised less arrogance and ignorance of the law, rules, and common sense the rest of us have to use every day.
    Why no compulsory insurance, bells, mirrors etc ? clearly many are racing on public roads all over EU.
    I have been abused for pointing out that 3 abreast is utterly selfish and puts everyone in unnecessary danger – as did passing me driving down Tiede at about 60 kmh !!

  6. I believe you will find that lights are only mandatory between the hours of sunset and sunrise. A bell is mandatory at all times.

  7. I can’t see any lights and I bet they don’t have a bell. Both of those are mandatory, mind you I bet 99% of the amateur riders don’t have them.

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