Cyclist seriously injured in San Miguel traffic accident

A cyclist is in hospital this evening with severe head and chest injuries after an accident just after 2pm this afternoon on the TF563 San Miguel a Vilaflor (el Frontón) road. Emergency services say that they were called out with reports that the cyclist needed assistance after becoming trapped underneath the van which was also involved in the accident. Bomberos assisted paramedics to release him, and after he was stabilized at the scene he was transferred by helicopter to Candelaria Hospital where his situation is said to be serious.


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    I don’t have any contacts, I’m afraid, but I’ve detailed the road rules concerning cylists HERE (Driving section).

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    Hi. Continuing invaluable website Janet thanks. I wonder, before any more accidents/ near misses, you have contacts in maybe cycling clubs / organisations. Nearly every day I see displays of stupidity or arrogance and law breaking by the lycra fraternity.
    Yesterday racing in the middle of the road 2 abreast, charging across a roundabout unable or unwilling to stop, trying to overtake slower vehicles on downhill roads.

    I read with genuine sadness of the loss of life particularly in London, but then read that an official from a cycling organisation was excitedly saying how it was common for bicyclists to go down some popular Surrey hills at 40 m.p.h but found it difficult to go round bends!!

    Surely we all have to observe the law and common sense or is it assumed that the insured users of our roads will always foot the inevitable bills.

    This sport which as a kid was a joy pottering / touring, admiring the countryside seems now an aggressive, desperately competitive dangerous business, and maybe should have it,s own tracks. Until then what about those that administer / profit from it issue formal advice to the participants before other incidents occur.

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