Dancing for the Sea, a campaign for our sea in the Canaries to be free of plastic

The Canarias Libre de Plásticos (Canaries free of plastic) organization took advantage of the symbolism of World Oceans Day last Saturday to present a new campaign, Bailar por el Mar (Dancing for the Sea). The campaign aims to increase understanding and raise awareness, and its initial video certainly does this. Please be aware that although there is very much beauty in this short film of just under five minutes, there are, inevitably, some really rather upsetting and disturbing images as well. If we want the beauty, though, we have to acknowledge the ugly before we can deal with it. I think we’ll be hearing quite a bit more of #bailarporelmar.


  1. I saw this first hand recently in El Puertito of all places. As I walked into the water I glanced down expecting to see a few little fish perhaps. What I actually saw was a myriad of unidentifiable tiny bits of plastic paper, a plastic fork and a sticking plaster. Heartbreaking.

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