New pedestrian overpass at entrance to Los Cristianos now open to public

Photo: Arona Ayuntamiento.

Updated 28 April: Arona Ayuntamiento has inaugurated the new pedestrian overpass on Avda Chayofita at the entrance to Los Cristianos. The new walkway, which replaced the old crenellated pedestrian bridge, was opened officially by mayor Mena and various associations of people with a range of disabilities, alongside local residents and business owners, and councillors.

Updated 26 February: Arona Ayuntamiento says that the new pedestrian overpass on Avda Chayofita at the entrance to Los Cristianos will be put into place overnight tomorrow, 27 February, between 10pm and 6am Wednesday morning. Traffic diversions will be in plae between those times.

Photo: Arona Ayuntamiento.

Updated 1 February 2018: Arona Ayuntamiento has announced that the old pedestrian bridge over Avenida Chayofita near the roundabout at the entrance to Los Cristianos will be dismantled between 9pm next Wednesday, 7 February, and 6am Thursday, 8 February. Traffic restrictions will be in place, and the council has produced the following graphic. Mayor Mena recently visited the works where the new overpass has been constructed, though there is no confirmation of exactly when it will be installed.

Original post 9 May 2017: The days are numbered for the familiar sight of the rusty-looking pedestrian overpass near the fountain roundabout at the entrance to Los Cristianos. The elevated crenellated walkway across Avenida Chayofita is to be replaced, Arona Ayuntamiento has announced, by a modern, safe and accessible ramp, something the council says has been demanded by locals for years.

The project for the new overpass (below) has been completed, and so the technical and administrative documents can now be drawn up to allow the works to be put out to tender over the next few weeks. Once the contracts are awarded the works, which it is estimated will cost nearly €750,000, should be completed in four months, during which the existing overpass will be demolished.

Architect projection: Arona Ayuntamiento.


  1. Surely just moving the crossing slightly more away from the roundabout junction & then making it a pelican crossing would solve the problem, or am I missing something?

  2. That zebra crossing is lethal so close to the roundabout, I’m amazed more people don’t get squished – and that more cars don’t smash into the back of each other when the whole roundabout comes to a sudden stop so that a pedestrian can cross. So I think the new footpath will be great, especially for the slow, infirm and elderly who struggle with the steps on the existing bridge and can’t run fast enough to dodge the traffic on the zebra. If anyone’s too lazy to walk the new bridge then the exercise will do them good – or they can just drive it like me.

  3. Subways are in theory a good solution. Until you see the crime/vandalism/graffiti/rough sleepers, that they attract like a magnet.

  4. Zebra crossing is too close to the roundabout,proposed new bridge will never get used.subway will be the only answer.

  5. crazy far better to spend the money on
    the pre fab school in Guaza.
    waste of funds

  6. I always thought it was in the wrong place, should be over the motorway slip road into los cristianos. Poor Trebol must have lost loads of customers when the crossing was moved.

  7. To get to Mercadona looks like it’s back to “through the park” almost to El Camison. Let’s just use the pedestrian crossing – it doesn’t hold the traffic up that much.

  8. What a stupid waste of money…………Just put full traffic lights where the turning left is(and put a zebra crossing there) and build the bridge by Tu Treble.

  9. I agree with Mick Moore. The other bridge over to mercadona Santiago six is far to steep and the metal on top walkway is always poping loose. Would be better if they finished pavement so you could walk along to crossing under old bridge.

    Real waste of money as there are zebra crossing under bridge which take seconds to cross a direct route. Can’t see anyone using ramp.

  10. I agree people will not use it as it will take too long. Most people use the crossing. Why not something simple like the one by the swimming pool?

  11. Looks like quite a route March! The other bridge further down the roar is also a problem being so steep. Try pushing or pulling a trolley full of shopping over that one if you are not built like a bodybuilder! Not easy! That needs rebuilding rather than the other one.

  12. Would be much cheaper to put lights there at the zebra crossing, so cars had to stop, maybe move it down slightly as well…..

  13. What a waste of money this is. Pffffff, the only one happy with this project is the architect.

  14. I agree with Richard, but I would hope the crossing is taken away with the works because it is dangerous being so close to the roundabout

  15. What a total waste of money. Never seen anyone use the bridge now they want to replace it with something that’s going to take ages to walk round. Why not build one over TF 655 dual carriageway — much more useful.

  16. most just use the zebra crossing so this is pretty pointless..

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