Deactivation Day for unregistered PAYG mobiles

Today is the deadline for registering PAYG mobile phones, regardless of network. As posted HERE in early August, the Spanish Interior Ministry, equivalent to the UK’s Home Office, has been urging all users of Pay As You Go mobile phones to register them by 9 November. Any which are not registered by close of business today will be deactivated.

Several million PAYG users have still not registered their phones, however, and others left it so late that phone company computers were overwhelmed by the demand, and they were sent away in frustration. Any which are still unregistered tomorrow will be shut off, but users have now been granted a further six months to register them if they wish to retain their numbers. They will also retain any existing credit on the phone. At the end of that six month period, any unregistered numbers will be re-allocated, and credits lost. This is simply a late registration window to avoid losing a number, however, and unregistered phones will still be deactivated and unusable until registered.

The Government’s anti-terrorism legislation means that mobile phone operating companies have no choice but to deactivate any SIM cards that have not been identified by today. The requirement only affects users of PAYG mobiles bought before November 2007 because all those bought subsequently will have been registered upon sale under the Electronic Communication Data Conservation law of 9 November 2007. Under the law, mobile details can be demanded by a judge investigating serious crimes.  Canarias7

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