Dead and injured dogs found in abandoned dog fighting finca in San Andres area

Santa Cruz Policía Local have found seven dogs, three dead and four in a very bad state, in an abandoned finca in the San Andrés area. Police say that early investigations suggest that the dogs were kept there for dog fighting, since wooden kennels were found together with betting boards, medical materials, and similar things that suggest some organization.

The quite dreadful discovery was made on Saturday afternoon around 4pm after a local resident who lived close to the finca reported that his dog had been bitten by a loose dog. The animal, a Putbull cross, was subsequently found, and police remained on site while the dog’s owner was traced. Locals identified a man said to be the owner but he denied all knowledge of the dog.

During these investigations the police came across the other dogs,  some of those still alive were malnourished, others injured with wounds and broken limbs. They have been transferred to the care of the Valle Colino refuge. Meanwhile, the police continue trying to discover who was behind this appalling scenario.

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