Deaf-mute collectors are a scam, confirms Guardia Civil

We’ve all seen the “deaf-mute society” collectors who range through the bars and cafés of the holiday areas collecting in silence for their associates, and many still wonder if it’s genuine or a scam. The Guardia Civil, however, says that it is a con-trick pure and simple, and that the scam should be reported to the police … and that because it’s a “crime in progress” it warrants a 112 call. Don’t donate. Call the police.


  1. If calling 112 you will need to be able to speak and understand fluent Spanish. I’ve never found the local police that helpful when reporting a crime even when reported in my limited Spanish. I get the impression that they want to keep crime figures down not by putting the bad uns away but by putting barriers in the way of those reporting the crimes. Mind you that’s true in the UK too to some extent.

    1. Author

      112 is a multi-lingual emergency centre – it’s like calling 999 in the UK, and will send out the fire brigade, ambulances, coastguard or police as appropriate. It answers emergency calls in five languages … please see HERE. It has nothing to do with the Policía Local, who should never be called to report a crime … please see HERE.

  2. Just seen them yesterday in Puerto de la Cruz, a young couple, every now and then there is another guy coming and collects the money… And when there was a shop owner coming to tell them to go away, they can talk and started being agressive…

  3. I do buy from those selling sometimes and always have a conversation with them in sign language…so I can’t see what the harm is there…

    1. Author

      The police say that if they’re claiming to collect on behalf of others in the name of a non-existent association, it’s fraud.

  4. Sometimes the bars are in on the scam ……they take a share of the con artists income

  5. What about the guy that claims to be from the deaf school? He hands out cards with sign language instructions on? Usually in a bar, announced by the compere/dj?

    1. Author

      All I can do is repeat what the Guardia Civil say, which is that those who collect for deaf-mutism as part of the association of deaf mutes are a scam.

  6. Does this also include the people selling their wares that come into bars and restaurants.?

    1. Author

      If they’re claiming to be from a deaf-mute association, yes.

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