Death in the morning on the motorway

Update 8 April: It was only about a month ago that I made the post below about a woman who had died after falling from a bridge over the TF1 onto the motorway. I haven’t heard any more about that over the past few weeks so presume an investigation is ongoing. Now, today, another similar tragedy, with a 50-year-old man falling from the Puente de Chamberi onto the TF5 near the Candelaria Hospital. Like the poor woman, he was run over by several vehicles, and naturally, died in the fall. Again it was in the morning, around 10.30, and unfortuately, again, looks as if it could have been a case of suicide. Once again the motorway came to a standstill after a death in the morning that appears self-caused. Tragic.

Original post 7 March:  Someone has been knocked down and killed on the TF1 this morning. Details are still very sketchy, but the poor person was run over by several vehicles around 6.30am near the Candelaria junction. There were understandably huge tailbacks on the southbound carriageway.  More info as and when it’s released.

edit: it is now confirmed that this poor person was a woman. There are some reports that she fell or jumped from a bridge, but this is still awaiting official confirmation.

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