December public holidays

There are two public holidays this month, with many offices and shops shut for the Día de la Constitución next Friday 6 December. Often, the 8th is also a public holiday for Inmaculada Concepción but that falls on a Sunday this year. The second public holiday this month is of course Christmas Day itself.

The Día de la Constitución is very much a political holiday, since it marks Spain’s transition from dictatorship to democracy. After the death of General Franco, the newly and freely elected Government introduced a democratic constitution which was approved by referendum on 6 December in 1978. Christmas Day hopefully needs no explanation!

These are the last public holidays of 2019. The full list of next year’s public holidays is HERE.


  1. Someone else has probably already written to say that the 6th is on Friday this year. Thx for all your information as always, Janet

  2. Author

    Thanks Andy, thought I’d covered the edit but obviously not!

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