Delta anniversary storm tracker shows Canaries’ protective bubble

This week marks the 15th anniversary of Tropical Storm Delta which ravaged Tenerife in 2005, a storm that we thankfully don’t see the like of very often! Its rarity is clearly shown by Aemet Canarias’ graphic above, with the systems of storms forming an amazing protective bubble around the Canaries while hurricanes and tropical cyclones follow their usual westward route across the Atlantic from the Cape Verde Islands where they are born.

The graphic tracks their path between 1851 and 2004. Sometimes these later sweep north, coming back from the Americas to affect Spain and Portugal, and sometimes Ireland and the UK. There are also indications, Aemet says, that this protective bubble of ours is becoming increasingly unstable and reducing as storms start to come a little closer, as we saw only recently, indeed. For the moment, however, we continue to benefit from our little sheltered harbour of calm.

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