Despacio Museo Market – Tenerife museum arts and crafts shopping “in the slow lane”

Photo: Museos de Tenerife.

Museos de Tenerife are holding another edition of Despacio Museo Market (Slow Museum Market) on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 July. It’s essentially an artisan fair, but in the museum itself, where the history and background of Canarian artisanry can be enjoyed at multiple levels at once.  As before, the market will be held in the emblematic and beautiful internal patios of the Museo de la Naturaleza y Arqueologia, and this time’s theme will be the abusive use of plastics and their effect on the environment, with some 30 or so exhibitors showing their products and selling direct to the public.


  1. The text is wrong! It says, “26-27 DECEMBER,!!!!!

    1. Author

      Yes, thank you Patricia, I was getting ahead of myself and thinking “Christmas”! I’ve edited it now. Thank you for pointing it out!

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