Dept of Costas to take action against Abama Hotel for closing beach to public

ATAN, the Tenerife Friends of Nature organization, has announced that the Dept of Costas is to take disciplinary action against the Abama Hotel for arbitrarily deciding to close the beach to the public while a private wedding party was being held. The wedding took place in July, and several people have complained that they were refused access to the beach, which they say is public property, and whose use must be guaranteed for all citizens.

The Dept of Costas has clearly agreed with them. It won’t have helped that it was the Dept which had to turn up to re-open the beach, nor that the wedding responsible was that of Jaime de Polanco, whose family own the hotel, and that the private beach party was something his bride, Fiona Ferrer, had openly expressed gratitude for in a press interview.  Diario de Avisos


  1. Hi Janet

    So what was the outcome? Can local residents or residents of Tenerife use this beach??



  2. Author

    I’ve not seen a single thing about it in the press since! The bottom line, however, is that it is a beach, and as such and by definition, it is open to the public.

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