deVeres offers Informal financial Q&A session in Torviscas with tapas and a drink included

I’ve been contacted by deVere Spain’s Business Coordinator for Marbella, Laura Johnson, who has asked me to publicise a meeting which will be held by Andy Oliver, a deVere Senior Area Manager who travels all over Spain to meet with expats to help with all sorts of financial advice.

The meeting will be an informal question and answer session with tapas and a drink included, and will be held at 7pm on Thursday, 22 January, at Restaurante Sebastian in the Sunset Bay complex in Torviscas.

To see the above advert full size please click HERE, and for more about the deVere group, their website is HERE.


  1. Going along wont hurt you but i strongly advise you to Google them before they give advice to you. Insert “complaints” after their name. You will see why i am saying be careful; they have lots of disgruntled investors and I am told they have a knack of placing positive messages on forums and websites to hide their bad press!

  2. I have a friend who has been with Devere for years and had no problems. I will be going along to see if they can assist me with my financial concerns.

  3. Friends of mine have told me about this company and the seminars they have held in the past, I hear they give good free advice especially on inheritance tax in Spain. I may pop along to hear what they have to say.

  4. I will be going along to hear what they have to say as I find the constant changes in Spain very confusing, and I like the idea of it being informal so I can hear other peoples opinions too.

  5. I have been working with financial advisers all my life and they all work on the same basis. In my experience smaller companies have bigger problems, like disappearing, at least you deal with somebody that has a large presence.

  6. I know nothing about this company but I do know that most companies operating in this area make their money from commissions and charges. If I were in the area I would probably go along and listen to what they have to say in case there is some sage advice. I would then run a mile if they offered any products or wanted my contact details.

  7. I would urge otherwise. This company have a terrible name in the financial world. Google DeVere Financial complaints. My Brother in Law tells me that they are one to avoid and apparently they have even been included in the Daily Mail and Panorama. Apparently kicked out of lots of countries..where are they regulated?

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