Deyan Valentinov Deyanov transferred to Tenerife II prison from Candelaria hospital

Update 4 June: Deyan Valentinov Deyanov was moved yesterday morning from Candelaria secure psychiatric unit back to the medical ward in Tenerife II prison. He will remain there until the prison authorities determine where he will be most safely restrained.

The move follows an attempted escape on Monday, which itself followed false rumours of an actual escape. The staff of the secure psychiatric unit in Candelaria hospital expressed concern at having to be responsible for his care given his assault on a nurse in the escape attempt. The authorities seem to feel, moreover, that he is best kept under control in a penal setting than a strictly medical one.

The responsibility for this deranged individual now transfers to Tenerife II, where concern among prisoners and staff alike was said yesterday to be “patent”. Feelings are said to be running high that he should be in what could be described as a Spanish Broadmoor, like Foncalent (Alicante) or Seville, rather than a conventional prison. PV

Original post 1 June: I haven’t wanted to post on this until I had anything specific to say, and now I have. There have been increasing rumours in Tenerife over the last several days that the lunatic who beheaded Jennifer Mills-Westley had escaped. I can confirm that this is NOT true. Firstly, the British Consulate have said that their “understanding is that the Bulgarian National is being held in the Psychiatric ward of a local hospital and continues to be detained by the Spanish Authorities”.

And now, Police sources have confirmed that Deyan Valentinov Deyanov tried to escape on Monday, after a nurse had entered the room to get him up, but that the two Policía Nacional officers that have always been on guard outside his door stopped him going anywhere. He was overpowered, and reshackled in the secure holding in Candelaria hospital’s psychiatric unit that police call “El Módulo”.

Having been heavily sedated for the first several days of his stay there, these tranquilizers have been reduced, but he has been shackled during that process. Police categorically deny the rumours that he has escaped from “el módulo” and police custody, and that there was any kind of security lapse.

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  1. The monster should have been hung. Why waste money keeping that evil low-life alive?

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