Today is Day of the Podenco and the police ask the public to help by denouncing cases of maltreatment

photo: Guardia Civil.

Today is Día del Galgo – Day of the Podenco – and since this beautiful and extraordinarily intelligent breed is one of the most badly treated, police ask that the public denounces any cases of maltreatment and abandonment they become aware of. These dogs make fantastic pets, but most often they are kept as hunting dogs, and far too often there are reports of cruelty such as you would hardly believe. They are routinely abused, beaten, starved, abandoned and killed. The Guardia Civil say simply “denounce”. Just call 062.


  1. I do remember your own beautiful Podenco Janet ; was her name Rosie ? x

  2. Author

    yes indeed, she was just wonderful.

  3. It’s so sad that they are treated so badly, they make wonderful pets, I know as I am the proud owner of a rescue podenco.

  4. Thank goodness for people like you…so many animals need our protection from some of the vilest of human race..

  5. Stop this misuse of animals

  6. I have Franco a Podenco who Hope of Podencos rescued for me from the Canaries. He is about 2-4 years old was beaten and staved. He has been with me now since the 9th June 2017 and I can not express the love I feel for him, He’s totally my world and is so loving.

    Its so bad what they do to the dogs, the stories I have been told and the photos etc I have seen. This can not carry on and together we need to make a stand for these wonderful animals….

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