Today is Day of the Podenco and the police ask the public to help by denouncing cases of maltreatment

photo: Guardia Civil.

Today is Día del Galgo, a sighthound very similar to the Podenco, and since these beautiful and extraordinarily intelligent breeds are among the worst treated, perhaps the Podenco treated worst of all, police ask that the public denounces any cases of maltreatment and abandonment they become aware of. These dogs make fantastic pets, but most often they are kept as hunting dogs, and far too often there are reports of cruelty such as you would hardly believe. They are routinely abused, beaten, starved, abandoned and killed. The Guardia Civil say simply “denounce”. Just call 062.

Tomorrow, there will be a co-ordinated demonstration at the same time in 32 towns throughout Spain against hunting with podencos and galgos. There is more information and a general petition HERE: in Tenerife, the protest is at 12 noon in Plaza Weyler in Santa Cruz. All are invited, and organizers simply ask those attending to make a video if they can of the demonstration and post it on Youtube.



  1. I sincerely hope people will support a demonstration.
    They are beautiful, gentle dogs and need all the support humans can give.
    Absolutely wonderful as pets.

  2. I have looked at this site many times today and I do so hope that people who are vociferous about animal rights and, more importantly, their lives, go tomorrow to demonstrate and, importantly, video such.
    Were I and my family on the island, we would most certainly go, —as a family, we have several Podencos and Caniches and love them dearly.
    Do please go and support the Pods.

  3. Author

    Thank you Cindy. As you say, they are wonderful dogs and I do hope people support this.

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