Playa San Juan’s beach reopens after diesel spill

Update 27 August: The water in Playa san Juan has now been declared fit for bathing again after the diesel spill which has closed Playa Chica since Saturday. The latest analysis shows the water to be “excellent”, said Guía de Isora environment councillor, Bruno Domínguez, and the public can again enjoy the beach as normal. Investigations are still being carried out by both Seprona and Guía de Isora Policía Local to discover the culprit behind the spill.

Original post 24 August: Guía de Isora Ayuntamiento has closed the small Playa Chica in Playa San Juan because of a diesel spill, thought to have resulted from the cleaning of a boat. The Ayuntamiento is investigating, and hopes to have some answers this weekend: the authority says that it will take firm action against whoever is responsible for endangering the beach at the height of summer. For the moment, however, the stain of the oil and the smell of diesel in the water has meant the beach’s closure since yesterday evening.


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