Dinner and show in the Magma Centre to raise funds to help feed the poor of south Tenerife

There will be a charity dinner gala in the Magma Centre on Saturday, 16 November, organized by Foro Amigos del Sur de Tenerife (FAST) to raise funds for the poor and hungry in south Tenerife. Tickets are not cheap, costing €60, but the cause is good, and the food will be prepared and served by prestigious chef Pablo Pastor. The show itself is to a spectacular directed by the producer of the musical History, Eric Viana, and will include spots by Mencey Romantico, Goyo Tavío, acrobats Rusos “Aeroflot”, dance of the wind Yana” and the American Soul of the “Drifters”, Pepe Benavente, Enrique Barrios and the Funktastic Band. Tickets can be bought at the Magma Centre’s box office, or by phone to 922 793 987. All takings will be dedicated to the Hermanos de la Cruz Blanca to provide food for the poor in south Tenerife.

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