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I’ve closed the discussion page on illegal letting because, for my own personal purposes, it has done well in giving me a real taste of the opinions held about the issue – which is my own function in Alotca – and in providing an arena for those affected to discuss the issue. There is, though, now THIS forum set up by contributor Ben Freeman: I would encourage all those who wish to discuss the matter further to join that forum to continue there.


  1. I am devasted that Janet has decided to close this page. It has been a source of information, and a definite moral booster to those of us either affected or likely to be affected by this legislation.
    I would like to sincerely thank you Janet for the effort and time you gave to this page, some of us appreciate all you are trying to do.

  2. Author

    Thank you CO. There will be posts from time to time as there is any news, and of course comments are always welcome on those or any other news posts. It is only the specific discussion page that has been closed, and as I say, the debate concerning tactics and Alotca (and any other associations formed for similar purposes) might have served its purpose, but I hope this site will continue to be a source of support and most definitely of information! And of course, anyone can email me at any time on help@janetanscombe.com

  3. Janet I am very sorry you have closed this page, although I have criticized ALOTCA for not supporting the vast majority of people who have been fined apartment owners.

    I know I speak for many many owners, that without your page and your unselfish and tireless work many of us would not have known what was going on in Tenerife and I thank you very much for all your efforts.

    I hope you can now enjoy this wonderfull Island and one day we also can before this Govt ruins it.

    Again many thanks Mervyn

  4. Author

    Thanks Mervyn. The work is far from finished though, and continues even though the discussion page itself is closed … and I will have an update to post later in the week – I can confirm here and now that many of the comments on here WILL get to the Government. Comments will be welcome on individual posts too, and I hope some will comment on my update later this week, hopefully on Friday.

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