Disruption for final surfacing roadworks on Erques to Santiago section of TF1 over next three weeks

Disruption for final surfacing roadworks on Erques to Santiago section of TF1 over next three weeks

The Canarian Government roads department has announced that final surfacing works are being carried out over the next three weeks on the TF1 beween the Erques junction and Santiago del Teide. The works have started this morning and will be carried out in phases as follows. Works should be completed by 2 May.

1. Between the Guía de Isora and Chio junctions, with traffic diverted onto the TF82, the original road between Adeje and Santiago del Teide over 11, 12 and 13 April.

2. Between the Guía de Isora and Tejina-Piedra Hincada junctions, with traffic diverted onto the TF82 over 14, 15 and 16 April.

3. Between the Tejina and Erques junctions, with traffic diverted onto the TF82 on 18 April.

4. In addition to the final surfacing of the TF1, the works will also include the Fonsalia spur access and subsurfacing theBicho tunnel between 18 and 22 April.

5. Between the Chio and Santiago del Teide junctions, 29 April to 2 May, during which the Bicho tunnel will be closed. Again the TF82 will serve for diverted traffic.

The Canarian Government’s Consejería de Obras Públicas y Transportes apologises to residents of the areas affected and to drivers for any inconvenience caused by the works. The authorities ask the public to cooperate and take notice of temporary road signs during this period.


  1. Thanks Janet, invaluable information as my sister and niece are here in 1½ hour and we’ll have to bring them around.

  2. Author

    They’re diverting off the TF1 so you can go as far as possible on that, and they’ll then take you off onto the TF82, probably at Guía junction.

  3. Thanks for the information Janet, although fir the life of me I’m stuck as to why you would need to resurface a brand new road! It’s only been open 4 months! Grrrrrrr

  4. Author

    I don’t think it’s “resurfacing”, just finishing off … they opened to be on schedule even though the works weren’t finished, as I understand it.

  5. Dear Janet,
    You mention the”Fonsalia spur”. Do we have any idea when the road itself will be tackled? I realise in the Canarian context it would probably be easier to discover the location of the Elysian Fields but there we are! Any info you may have would be gratefully received.


  6. Author

    well it’s being covered with tarmac right now … they are saying “this year” …

  7. Some parts are being tarmaced but there are still large parts untouched. New road markings and new signs have appeared on the TF47 where they are starting to work on the junction with the new spur next to the Disa petrol station. I wouldn’t put any money on it being completed this year.

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