Diver missing off Las Galletas

Update 9 October: It has been confirmed that the diver is a 50-year-old Belgian named Eric, who came to Tenerife for a month’s diving. He has been here a fortnight. The search is ongoing. PV

Update 8 October: There is no more news this evening about this diver. The helicopters have been active all today, and well into this evening, so the search seems to be continuing, even if without success so far.

Original post 7 October: A huge search has been underway this afternoon as emergency teams have been trying to locate a diver who disappeared in the Las Galletas area around lunchtime today. Involved in the search are the Special Subaquatic Activites Group of the Guardia Civil, Policía Local, Salvamento Marítimo with a lifeboat and helicopter, and another helicopter from the Emergency Search and Rescue Group. (GES).

No further information is available right now about the diver, and rescue sources said earlier that they would continue searching until it became dark and then, if they had not found anything, would resume at first light tomorrow. PV


  1. I have just found out to day that i have lost another diving friend to the sea in Tenerife. Eric was a buddy when i went diving with the club (Coral Sub)we have had lods of good dives all over the south, I am comming over in December for a visit the memoral for Philip Kloos who went missing in 2008 along with Luis and I will be thinking of Eric too, divers should respect the seas and the rip tides all over south . To all divers dive safe,safe safe David GILLESPIE

  2. Author

    I am so very sorry for your loss.

  3. Very upset when i recently found out. A great friend at ten bel x x x

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