Do you know anything that could help Tamo, a dog who was mutilated, hanged and left to die?

I’m grateful to Siobhan Ferguson who runs the Live Arico charity shop in San Eugenio for bringing to my notice an animal story that is so unbelievably appalling that the only thing that redeems it is the fact that the animal is still alive, and has a future that may itself yet be redeemed. All that is clear for the moment is that Tamo, above, is blind, and that his sight is not all he has lost. As of now he has also lost his ears and tail, cut off before he was hanged above a road in the Los Realejos area, and left to die.

Tamo was emaciated and only weighed 11kg, but has been nursed back from the brink of death and is now a healthy weight. He is somewhere between 5 and 7 years old, vaccinated and neutered. As someone has posted on the Paws4thought Facebook group HERE, “somebody out there knows who this dog belonged to”, and it will take someone to identify this person because the dog was not chipped. One can only presume that a person who can do this is a danger to more than just dogs. I’ll update as and when I hear anything more, and there is certain to be more about this, because no-one will be unmoved by such callous brutality to a blind dog. 

After initially being taken to the Refugio Internacional de Animales near Puerto de la Cruz, Tamo was then cared for at home by Gertrud Roessle, a German woman who frequently helps the refuge, because his injuries were so extensive that he needed personal care. If anyone knows anything about this case, please report it to the police, or to the Refuge direct HERE. If you know something and want to report it anonymously, contact me and I will pass on the information on your behalf with absolute guaranteed secrecy as to your identity.

The important thing is for Tamo to find a secure home, and for his sadistic would-be killer to be apprehended. Money is not the issue because vets bills are paid to date and medical ongoing care is covered: the vet is Kirstin Oberhäuser in Clinica La Montaña in Los Realejos. All the same, HERE is the information to donate direct if anyone still wants to give money. The real issue, however, is finding the culprit, and a secure home for Tamo.



  1. Words fail me !!!! Anyone who can do this needs psychiatric help or receive the same treatment as the poor dog.

  2. This is truly unbelievable cruelty! I sincerely hope that information is forthcoming to apprehend the person/s responsible, completely agree with Janet, this person is obviously a danger to more than just defenceless animals……

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