Dog walker finds man’s body in shallow grave in Águilas del Teide

Update 11 January: It transpires that the Moldavian gave himself up to the police after two people protecting him had been arrested. Police say that he had been detained previously by the Guardia Civil’s Organized Crime Unit as an illegal immigrant suspected of involvement in money-laundering over taxi licences but that with the aid of a good lawyer, a judge was persuaded to release him. More details in due course, I’m sure.

Update 10 January 2015: Police have arrested the Moldavian they were seeking for the suspected murder of the Russian man whose body was found in a shallow grave in Águilas del Teide at the end of November. Eugeniu Berezenko, 21 years of age, is now in Guardia Civil custody in Playa de las Américas. More details will follow shortly.

Update 12 December 2014: The dead man has been identified as 52-year-old Andreyu Timofeev, and the Moldavian suspect as Eugenio Berezenco. Police say that they have arrested Timofeev’s 47-year-old ex-partner who, as reported previously, was currently living with the Moldavian suspected of his killing. Berezenco remains at large, but the woman’s arrest after the police have completed their analysis of texts and emails, indicates that the current hypothesis is that the killing was a “crime of passion”.

Update 4 December: The Moldavian suspect is still at large, and there is now controversy over what appears to have been a Guardia Civil order for the force to withhold information from the National and Local police forces here because “it’s our operation”. An alleged recording of the instruction has been released, and naturally other police forces are concerned that they could have been endangered through lack of information being passed to them, but the recording has not yet been confirmed as genuine. Meanwhile, the Moldavian is said to have been living with the ex-partner of his Russian victim.

Update 1 December: The dead man is said to be a 30-40-year-old Russian, and the Guardia Civil says that the principal suspect is a “very large” Moldavian who works as a taxi driver in the Adeje area. The taxi has been impounded, but the suspect is said normally to drive a black BMW – it is perhaps significant that just a few hours after the body was found, one such vehicle broke through a police checkpoint set up near the uncovered shallow grave. Police have activated controls at ports and airports to detain him should he attempt to leave the island, saying that he is likely to be armed and dangerous. One theory is that the death resulted from score-settling between eastern European mafias operating in Tenerife.

Original post 30 November: Police have confirmed the discovery in Águilas del Teide, Chayofa, of the body of a man who had been tied up, and whose head was covered by a bag and taped up. The gruesome discovery was made yesterday afternoon by a dog walker who spotted a hand sticking out from what seems to have been a shallow grave disturbed by the recent storm. From the condition of the body death is said to have been quite recent, and the man also appeared to have been beaten. An autopsy is being carried out to try to establish the exact cause of death while police investigate to try to clarify the events behind the incident.


  1. Is this likely to be the missing British Man, John Green, who went missing early April whilst on a walking holiday?

    1. Author

      No, it’s a Russian man from Los Cristianos.

  2. … and I should have added, thankfully, will never be affected by it.

  3. Poor individual. Sadly, there is a dark underbelly to Tenerife that most people, especially tourists, are unaware of.

  4. This sounds very, very gruesome and disturbing… I hope they get to the bottom of it. I wonder what nationality they were? Lots of expats in the area I live nearby myself

  5. What a terrible find to make – hope the police can find some answers and the perpetrators.

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