Door-to-door callers throughout Adeje to promote Adeje “clean and healthy” campaign

Given the number of scams one hears of, I thought it a good idea to report on an Adeje “clean and healthy” campaign being run by the Ayuntamiento, and which will see four young women going door-to-door to spread information about the new pet care and environmental  scheme in the area. The four have been taken from the local unemployed and have now been hired via the council by Ascan Torrabonaf, the company with the contract to keep the municipality clean. They will be calling at homes throughout Adeje over the next six months to discuss the campaign, provide information about recycling, pet ownership, and so on, and leave an information pamphlet. They will also be able to advise residents with a language other than Spanish about where they can find all the information in English, French and German.

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