Double tragedy as Tenerife sees two deaths from heart attacks in one day

Desperately sad to report, but today saw a double tragedy with two deaths from heart attacks in Tenerife.

The first was an 85-year-old man who suffered a cardiac arrest on the TF247, the Perera to Malpaís road in Arafo. The incident happened just after 5.30pm, when despite emergency attention by Servicio de Urgencias Canario (SUC) ambulances, Guardia Civil and Policia Local, nothing could be done to save the poor man’s life.

The other tragedy took place in Los Realejos, where a 65-year-old man died while playing tennis. The man collapsed around 6.30pm at the tennis club in the Toscal Longuera area, and again, despite telephone advice to fellow players on resuscitation procedures, and the subsequent attendance of emergency services, nothing could be done but to confirm the poor man’s death at the scene.

Details from Cecoes112


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