Draconids and Orionids – two meteor showers this month

There are two meteor showers this month, and the first is the Draconids peaking on Thursday, followed by the Orionids peaking on the 20th but with a very wide window either side. The Draconids are rarely spectacular or plentiful, but the Orionids offer more of a show, being the remnants of the tail of Halley’s comet. Like the Draconids, the Orionids can be seen anywhere in the sky even though they technically radiate from the constellation Orion: for a best look at the first, however, look towards the north west in the early evening and up to midnight, and the latter will be seen best in the very early morning when Orion is directly overhead from around 4am. For a full list of the other meteor showers this year, see HERE.

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