Drugs raid worthy of 1930s gangster film nets police 10 arrests after stake-out in Cabo Blanco

In a joint operation that reads like something from a 1930s ganster movie, Police from the Santa Cruz Drugs and Organized Crime Unit (Udyco), together with officers from the Drugs Group from the southern Comisaría, have arrested ten members of cocaine dealership networks based in Cabo Blanco in Arona. The operation, of which details have now been announced, caught members of two such rival groups red-handed on 28 September.

The investigation began at the end of April after police identified that violent robberies were being committed with drug dealers disguised as Police officers obtaining the drugs from other dealers in order to peddle them themselves in Playa las Américas. The method of acquiring the drugs involved two of the gang acting as bait and pretending to be customers, and the rest pretending to be police involved in an exceedingly violent bust.

Having become aware than another robbery was planned for 28 September, real police staked out the location and watched as the “customers” entered, followed by the fake police. On this occasion, the “victim” gang fought back, and as the attackers fled, they were picked up by the real police lying in wait. The couple acting as bait were subsequently picked up as they left the premises with cocaine.

Police then proceeded to enter the premises to arrest the gang who were being robbed. These, believing that their original attackers had been real police, and that these had merely gone away to regroup and were now returning, once again fought back. After a considerable battle, they were finally overcome and also arrested.

In total, 500 grams of cocaine were seized, together with a number of weighing scales, €21,000 in cash, several mobile phones, 3 blank pistols, more than 50 detonator cartridges, balaclavas, fake police badges, 34,000 pills used to cut the cocaine, and several high range cars. Canarias24Horas

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