Drunk, drugged and heavily tattoed Briton causes mayhem in Puerto de la Cruz hotel

A 45-year-old British man completely wrecked a floor of Puerto de la Cruz’ Hotel La Paz in the early hours of yesterday morning. The man was staying at the hotel with his wife, and is said to have been drunk and high on drugs when he ran amok, throwing over ornamental plants, kicking doors and walls, arguing heatedly with his partner, and threatening a receptionist who was so scared that she took hold of a bottle to defend herself. His wife ended up at the bottom of a flight of stairs, though it is unclear whether he pushed her or she threw herself down them.

Police say that the man had, in fact, already been involved in another altercation hours before, when he threw a computer keyboard through a window. When the police were called, they were greeted by a highly agitated and heavily tattooed individual asking “do you want kung-fu?”, who then launched himself at the officers, pushing one dangerously close to the windows giving onto the lift shaft. Cut and bruised but otherwise unimpressed, they arrested him and took him to the Comisaría, where he is being processed for the offences of causing damage and injury, resisting agents of authority, and threatening behaviour.




  1. Someone married him?

  2. Author


  3. lock him up for a year and make him work off the cost of the damage then deport him and barr him from entering any part of spain again,the fool

  4. They, should lock him up and throw the key away,another bad advert
    for the Brits.

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