€90m theme park in the pipeline for Güímar


Update 28 February 2015: It’s been almost 18 months since the project was presented to the Ayuntamiento, and now it has been submitted formally to the Cabildo by promoter Andrés Alonso, president of the Hemi Investment Group, and the mayor of Güímar Carmen Luisa Castro. The Mimiland Park Canary Water World will be a 4* hotel and leisure complex set in the former quarry in the Badajoz barranco in the Güímar valley. Some 2,500 jobs in total are forecast to be created by the project, which will involve a hotel, “Afrikan” commercial centre, aquatic park, museum, theatre and casino, and cost €94m overall. The above video of the project will give an idea.

Original post 16 October 2013: The Hemi Investment Group has presented a €30m project for a theme park in a former quarry in Güímar. The new Mimiland Park will be a development of some 200,000 square metres and will provide employment for some 2,000 people: according to agreements reached with Güímar, these employees will be  from the municipality itself. The park will include over 25 attractions, including a shopping mall, an auditorium for events and performances, a 5* hotel, and a mirador – a lookout tower set to become the highest in Europe.

The president of the Hemi Group, Andrés Alonso, said that all the paperwork had been submitted to the Ayuntamiento and they were now waiting for the procedural change of land designation. Sr Alonso indicated that a considerable number of obstacles had been presented both by the council and the Canarian Government, but that he was hopeful of getting approval to proceed in the next few months. He suggested that if agreement was not in place by mid 2014 the investment could be withdrawn. Güímar mayor Carmen Luis Castro dismissed the possibility of problems, however, and said that the Mimiland project would not only regenerate an area of illegal quarrying but also represent the economic regeneration of the town.


  1. Thanks for updates Janet, I will be digging a little more and following with great interest and hopefully not dismay. Preserve this area for Cultural tourism I say, it seems those in power can only think one way on what ‘tourism’ means on this island.

  2. Author

    There was a lot of noise a couple of weeks ago about the promotor pulling out … THIS article is typical of what the Canarian press was reporting. I decided not to post until there was something more specific.

  3. Interesting recent article that refers to the trial of the head of the company and others that created the quarry and destroyed the environment illegally in the first place, strange they got away with it for so long but nevertheless it is positive that it is recognised as a criminal act and an environmental crime. At least now there is a proposal to plant 2000 + olive tree’s, lets see who on the Cabildo’s and Ayuntamiento’s committees prefers that idea to a ghastly theme park. Interesting development anyway.


  4. Thank god for that, what a relief, i need to find out more about it. I will certainly be first in line with the social media protest if it smells like a possibility.
    The Guimar Valley and its still rustic land is certainly not the right place for such a monstrous construction, what an appalling idea and of course it’s such short term thinking. It makes you wonder (yet again) who is getting what out of it. Keep the hardcore tourism in the south west where it it is already.

  5. What a monstrous idea. This illegally exploited land should be returned to nature, plant trees, create a rustic family picnic area not another urbanised area the island needs to begin protecting its natural space from unscrupulous insensitive developers who only see a buck and the local council leaders such as this mayor supporting the further destruction of the Guimar Valley. Sad sad sad… What would Thor Heyerdahl say?

    1. Author

      The latest is that it’s actually unlikely to happen. There’s nothing firm to say, which is why I’ve not posted, but the developers seem to be on the point of pulling out because of “administrative delays”.

  6. We already have 2 water parks, do they not realise creating another just takes business away from them. Create something we haven’t got like a theme park.

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