“Eat the world” at the Great International Food Fair at El Corte Inglés

The Eat the World international food fair is now underway in El Corte Inglés. The fair, taking place until 24 March, will promote a wide range of food from European, American and Asian countries. Saboreando Canarias, responsible for Gastronomy Tourism promotion in the Canaries, says that the fair will give a prominent place to Spanish food as befits its well-earned international prestige, but that as its slogan ‘Eat the world’ suggests, there will be an edible tour of food from Italy, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Austria, England, Scotland, Ireland, Portugal, Greece, Poland, Latvia, Norway, Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina, the United States, Thailand and Madagascar.

Saboreando Canarias says:

Smell the fresh scent of basil in a delicious pesto pasta as you turn a corner in Trastevere; the crunch of a baguete as you spread a soft French cheese on a terrace in Montmartre; the smoothness of a Greek yoghurt; the sweet aroma of a Riesling white wine or a green wine; taste Norwegian salmon or a bratwurst. For some time now, due to the pandemic situation we are living through, our passport of the five senses has been missing a lot. Therefore, this Great International Food Fair should be a real journey through the flavours and sensations of each of the countries that make it up, so that we can choose and travel with pleasure from our own home.

Photo: Saboreando Canarias

Pasta and sauces from Italy, champagne from France, cheese from Switzerland and chocolate from Belgium, sweet and sour gherkins and sausages from Germany, beer from the Czech Republic, gins and whiskies from the UK, hummus and yoghurt from Greece, cod and green wine from Portugal, smoked salmon from Norway, meat from Argentina, and a wide range of Spanish products such as our cheeses and cold meats, oils and salted meats, vegetables, pastries and a wide range of wines from different Spanish designations of origin.

I’ve been thinking of a trip to El Corte Inglés for a while. This has made my mind up to go and do it!