Education sector general strike has been called throughout Spain Thursday, 24 October

A general strike in the education sector has been called throughout Spain for next Thursday, 24 October. As yet, there has not been any official pronouncement from the education authorities here about whether children should stay at home. There has been some confusion over the date of the strike because a “students’ strike” has also been called for Tuesday and Wednesday, 22 and 23 October; this has led to some thinking that the teaching strike is for the three days, but the actual strike concerning schools and universities is for the 24th alone. As always, it is possible that the strike will be called off last minute, or that schools will open – even if only partially – in any case, and schools are anyway obliged to provide some basic cover. I’ll update if there is any further announcement.


  1. is the srike confirmed yet????

  2. Author

    oh yes, it’s confirmed … it was confirmed when I posted it, but there is still nothing from the Government. The law requires a minimum service to be provided, and the Government has not said that children should stay at home, so parents should assume they can still attend.

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