Education system on strike Thursday 9 May

Update 9 May: Just a reminder that despite an official minimum cover provision, all public-sector nurseries, schools and universities in the Canaries, indeed in Spain, are on strike today.

Original post 6 May: Spain’s education system will come to a complete halt on Thursday, 9 May. The strike is to demonstrate total rejection of the cuts in education funding, and to demand consensus and participation in the so-called “Educational Quality Improvement Law”, though this is still only in draft form at present, and is not expected to become legislation until 2014-15. All educational establishments from nurseries to universities will close on Thursday. Unions say that they have the complete support of parents and students from all political persuasions. In the Canaries, protests are planned in addition to the strike: the demonstration in Tenerife will take in Plaza de Weyler in Santa Cruz at 7pm.


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