Effect of Icelandic volcano disruption on Canarian tourism will not be as bad as feared

The President of the Canarian Government, Paulino Rivero, has said that the tourist sector lost around 25 million Euros a day while European airspace was closed. None the less, despite the most pessimistic expectations of the knock-on effect of the Icelandic volcano on Canarian tourism, Ashotel and the Tenerife Cabildo both think that the situation will not be as bad as initially feared.

Things are expected to get back to normal over the course of the coming week, and future reservations from the UK and Germany are better than anticipated, with the forecast also much improved, according to the tour operators, because cancellations of forthcoming trips have been far lower than feared. Numbers arriving are still down considering the time of year, but this is to be expected given airline cancellations and the chaos of holidaymakers trying at last to get back to their own countries.

In terms of clearing the backlog of tourists stranded here, the great majority will have returned home by the end of today. Six thousand left the island yesterday, and the rapidly decreasing remainder are expected to have cleared Tenerife by the end of the weekend. DA

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