Eight divers rescued by coastguard after their small boat crashes onto Arona coast rocks in wild seas

The coastguard was called out today to save eight divers whose craft was swept onto rocks on the Arona coastline. Mirame TV has released the following video of the conditions in which the eight were at sea, and those which the emergency services had to battle in order to rescue them.

There is a yellow alert rising to orange for the arrival overnight tonight of the third tranche of the temporal which has affected these islands for the last week or so (see HERE) and the authorities have again pleaded with the public to avoid the coast and sea, and to behave prudently, and not to risk their own lives nor those of service personnel who have to rescue them.

Only last night Buenavista del Norte Ayuntamiento closed the Masca barranco completely for safety reasons after eight young holidaymakers ignored weather warnings and were trapped on the beach overnight (see HERE).


  1. Well Janet, when you get to our age, nearly 40, well late 30,s you do tend to forget time. Now where is my WATCH?

  2. Didn,t 2 or 3 people drown a couple of years ago, after being swept into the sea at the outside lido in playa parasio? I believe they were doctor,s on holiday with their families,s.

    1. Author

      yes, they were on the rocks, though, not diving. And you suffer from my ailment … it wasn’t two years ago, but four! See HERE!

  3. Same in Callao Salvaje. The sea pounds at the rocks and the wall to rave high over it.
    And yes an old man was standing at the end of the wall watching the high waves. If he had been dragged he could forget it. Some never learn.

  4. The dive company should be named, so that responsible divers will know to avoid this sort of dangerous behaviour. In diving, safety comes first.

  5. Why do people ignore the warnings and risk others lives too ? We were in Alcala yesterday and saw stupid people stand on the rocks by the sea watching the waves that could be seen from the promenade . Have lived all my life by the sea and learned to respect the dangers of it . I can’t understand The stupidity of some people . I feel sorry for the lifeguards here .

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