New Garachico port expected to be in operation from June


Update 26 January 2012: The President of the Canaries, Paulino Rivero, has visited the new Garachico port and expressed his satisfaction at the way the works have progressed. The port will have two docks, one for fishing and another for sports with the capacity to moor 40 boats. It will also have facilities for commercial maritime lines. The works are currently being finished, with the port expected to be in operation from June.

Above is a superb video of the entire works since August 2009 to date. It looks lovely now, and shows how much work has gone into it over the last two and a bit years. The storm damage I posted about below can be seen at around 3 minutes.

Original post 23 October 2009: Waves up up to 8 metres have damaged part of the breakwater in the new Garachico port, which is still under construction. The strong swell began lashing the coast in the early hours of yesterday morning and continued through to the afternoon, with water breaking through and reaching tens of metres inland. Chief engineer Rafael Aznar said, however, that he was generally satisfied at the wall’s performance after the waves were double the strength of those expected. Repair works are expected to take a few weeks. The works on the new port, intended for sports, fishing and touristic uses, should be completed by the end of 2011.  El Dia

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